• Inemesit Etokudo

    Founding Mother's Message


    My name is Inemesit Etokudo and I am one of the founding mothers of Nu Omega Zeta. On behalf of the founding mothers of Nu Omega Zeta, I extend the warmest welcome to the Nu Omega Zeta Sorority website.

    Nu Omega Zeta was founded by a group of women brought together by the desire to promote the common values of sisterhood, volunteerism and knowledge. Founded on September 7th, 2011, Nu Omega Zeta is Canada’s first all Black Greek Sorority. Nu Omega Zeta was created as a way to unite the Black constituents within the Hamilton community. From this initiative, we developed this society. As both a founding mother and past president, I am very excited to see an organization like this within Hamilton, unifying and empowering Black women across the city. This society is unique as it tackles the quest for Black female leadership through the lens of sisterhood; a lens that is often lost in today’s societal sphere.

    Our founding principles are the promotion of sisterhood, the fostering of knowledge, the strengthening of our rich Black culture and the advancement of volunteerism within the community. Our purpose is to establish and promote the growth and enrichment of Black undergraduate students, and to enhance their education through the strengthening of the relationships within the Black community across our campus.

    Nu Omega Zeta creates a space where open dialogue between women of colour is welcomed and celebrated. We strive to create lasting relationships based on mentorship and mutual respect. As sisters, we continue to be leaders and devote our time to the enhancement of our community. I am a proud Nu and truly believe that joining a sorority has enhanced my undergraduate career. Nu Omega Zeta has truly influenced me to become the person I am today. It is through my sisters and the sense of community that sisterhood fosters, that I have created lifelong connections with ambitious, poised women while challenging myself in a leadership position. The relationships I have formed within Nu Omega Zeta far surpass friendship; these bright, driven women are my sisters. Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. I look forward to witnessing an organization that I hold so close to my heart, strive and grow with your help.

    In sisterhood,

    Inemesit Etokudo

    Founding Mother's Message