Do you have to be black to join?

As a black-focused sorority, members do not need to identify as “black”. However, we are
dedicated to advancing the black community on McMaster’s campus and in the greater
Hamilton area. Members of all ethnic backgrounds are welcome to join the organization.

What’s the difference between a sorority and a club?

The main (and most important) difference between the two groups is the element of familial bond. In a sorority, the members are sisters, and therefore a family. The sisters of a sorority share a bond, and work together through that bond to love, support, and watch out for each other, as family members would do. A club, on the other and, consists of individuals who share
common interests.

What average do you need to have?

To be considered for membership you must meet and maintain a predetermined average.
Potential new members will be made aware of this during the membership process.

Can I be apart of more than one sorority?

No, you cannot be a member of more than one sorority.

What is the difference between a sorority and a fraternity?

A sorority is an all-female Greek life organization. A fraternity is an all-male Greek life

Is membership renewed every year?

It is expected that each member meet the requirements to remain in the organization. That
being said, once one becomes a member of Nu Omega Zeta, she is a Nu sister for life.
Membership fees are renewed annually, but membership is continual.

Does it cost to join?

Yes. This money goes towards hosting events, necessary equipment for events, space-booking,
and Nu Omega Zeta paraphernalia.

What is ‘rush week’?

Rush week is a fun-filled week long process where those interested in joining the sorority come to social events to learn more about Nu Omega Zeta. Rush is the first step in the membership process.

What is McMaster’s policy on Greek Life?

McMaster does not support Greek Life on campus. Although there are McMaster students that are apart of Greek life organizations that operate on campus and within Hamilton, the university does not officially support their existence.