How Do I Join Nu Omega Zeta Sorority?

The process to becoming a member of Nu Omega Zeta Sorority starts during what is called ‘rush week’. This is a full week of activities where those interested in Nu Omega Zeta get the opportunity to learn more about us and we have the pleasure of getting to know you. After rush week, we extend an invitation (a ‘bid’) to those who we would like to join the sorority. The process after accepting your bid is called pledging.

What Happens During Pledge?

Pledge is essentially a trial period before someone becomes a member. During this time you will learn more about the sorority and develop a bond with the sisters of Nu Omega Zeta. You will also be paired up with a Big Sister who will guide you through this process; acting as your mentor, your Big Sister can be called on if you ever need any help or just want a friend to talk and catch up with. Those who successfully complete the pledge process will be inducted to the sorority, making them an official member of Nu Omega Zeta Sorority.

Anti- Hazing

Nu Omega Zeta Sorority believes that a safe space is essential to building a sisterhood. Positive social bonds cannot be cultivated if members feel threatened or intimidated in anyway. Nu Omega Zeta has a strict anti-hazing policy that denounces any acts of hazing committed on behalf of the sorority. Members should know their right to reject and report any form of behaviour that does not align with the sorority’s code of conduct.